Buy Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers

CashCards: Flashcards for Closers

jordan stupar Nov 21, 2020

When I was a young kid, my parents supplemented my schooling with private tutoring and learning tools like 'Hooked On Phonics'. I remember using the flashcards to memorize math equations, ameliorate my vocabulary and quickly learn what I needed to so that I could excel as a student in school. It worked great!

Why not use the same approach to handling objections in sales?

I created CashCards: Flashcards For Closers so that salespeople could quickly and easily access learning tools like the 'Hooked On Phonics' flashcards I used as a child. The word tracks apply as easily to objections in the close as they do to initial objections that you might hear during a cold call.

Cashcards can be used in a few different ways:

  1. Preparation & Awareness: Before you start the day or apply for that sales job you want, it's important to have some attention on developing awareness and preparing to handle customer objections before you get them. Chances are pretty good that you are going to hear objections like 'I need to think about it' and 'I'm not interested' and 'I need to talk to my spouse' throughout your sales process. It pays to be prepared and have a proven method for handling these selling scenarios.
  2. Correction: If you're unable to handle a specific customer objection and come up empty handed after your sales pitch, you can use Cashcards to quickly find the word tracks that could have bought you more time - or helped you close the deal. Quarterbacks watch film from the bench after throwing an interception so they don't make that mistake again, why don't you?
  3. Team Training & Role Playing: Most sales organizations do not have a formal process for sales training or role playing - and it shows. Cashcards are a great tool for teams to use while role-playing and provide a uniform approach to skill development and training.

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Cashcards offer truly effective responses to 30 objections and offer a genuinely unique approach (no, you won't find the 'feel, felt, found' close here!) to help you develop real confidence as a sales professional.

Unfortunately, most salespeople don't prepare, train or correct themselves like professionals and rely on luck, hope, wishes and magical unicorns to close more sales. 

You need a deck of Cashcards for these sales objections:

  • 'I need to think about it' (2X responses)
  • 'I need to talk to my spouse' (2X responses)
  • 'The monthly price is too high' (2X responses)
  • 'This is out of our budget' (2X responses)
  • 'Your price is higher than theirs'
  • 'I'm not interested' (3X responses)
  • 'I don't want to pay up-front fees' 
  • 'I'm too busy' (2X responses)
  • 'I don't do contracts' (2X responses)
  • 'We're happy with what we have'
  • 'Is that your best price?'
  • 'Used your company/product in the past and wasn't happy'
  • 'We're going to wait until...' (3X responses)
  • 'Now is not a good time'
  • 'I'm just looking/shopping'
  • 'I can't afford it'
  • 'It's too expensive'
  • 'Just send me an email'

Cashcards are currently being used by over 500 sales professionals and teams in over 9 countries worldwide. If you would like to place an order and receive the only deck that helps you stack a check, buy Cashcards here.

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