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The 5-Step Cold Calling Formula

The only reason salespeople experience 'cold call reluctance' is because they are unsure exactly what is going to happen when their buyer picks up the phone. This course is designed to give you a step-by-step script and a template you can use to maintain control and generate interest.

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Never Get Tongue-Tied Again

Learn the Objection Handling Formula and learn WordTracks for every sales objection. Develop confidence, certainty and understand where objections come from, how to overcome them and close more deals.

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Close Deals On Accident

Even if you decide to never improve your sales skills - Follow-Up is the skill that you can use to close more deals. Deploy creative, entertaining and educational follow-up techniques on every part of your sales process. Bring deals back from the dead, schedule more appointments and be the badass salesperson you know you should be.

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