Hey, I'm Jordan Stupar.


I spent 18 years perfecting my craft as a salesperson and put myself into the top 1% of income earners in the USA. 


After earning $452,000 in 2017, I got bored.


So I did what anyone would do: I bought a brand new Porsche 911 and quit my job.


I decided to follow my passion and create a business created for one purpose: share my new approach to selling with others.

Truth is...

I enjoy making money as much as the next person! But nothing makes me happier than seeing the 'lights' turn on in other people's eyes when they finally learn that 'new thing' or when they send me messages saying that 'OMG IT WORKED!'.

At the end of the day, I'm just a guy from Wisconsin on a mission to fulfill my purpose: help others take control of their life via sales.

I'm not an 'influencer' and never hope to be one. 

I'm not a 'guru' and never hope to be one.

I'm a real guy that's grown 3 businesses, sold 1 business and has been fortunate to reach tens of thousands of other people.

I'm grateful for every opportunity that I get to positively impact others and can only pray that God gives me the courage to always look towards the next challenge and the time I need to overcome them.

I genuinely hope to contribute to your growth - in some way, shape or form.


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