The Ultimate Cold Calling Script Template

jordan stupar Aug 31, 2020

When you decide to go to a new destination or somewhere new, you probably use your GPS to guide you there so you can navigate to where you're going with confidence. Adventurous sailers in the past used maps and compasses to understand where they were and where they were going and to avoid getting lost at sea. 

Traveling somewhere new without a GPS or a map might cause you to experience some anxiety. The reason for this anxiety is because you're lacking confidence in where to go.

Not knowing what could happen next on your cold call interaction with a customer is the reason you are experiencing 'cold call reluctance'. 

After tens of thousands of cold calls, I began following a cold calling template on every call that could give me predictable results and help me set more appointments. 

Hundreds of my Stupar Sales Academy members have leveraged my '5 Step Cold Calling Formula' to get rid of cold call reluctance, develop more confidence and book more appointments.

Here's the Ultimate Cold Calling Template, following this 5-Step process

Step 1: The Intro - Introduce yourself and where you are calling from

Step 2: Handle 'Initial Objections' - There's a very good chance that your customer is going to say 'I'm too busy' or 'I don't have time' or 'I'm not interested' or one of several other objections. You're going to hear these objections over and over again, so it does pay to script out a way to handle them! Pro tip: Write down each objection you hear and script out a way to handle them. 

Step 3: The Statement/Reason - Immediately after handling the initial objection, you're going to want to swing for the fences with your statement or reason for the call. This statement should be bold, get attention and give your prospect a good idea of what your product or service does.

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Step 4: The Pointed Question - After making your statement and hopefully conveying the enormous amount of value you and your product provide, you're going to ask a question to establish control on your call and show your prospect you understand what their pain point is. A 'Pointed Question' is a type of question I started using a few years ago. It is a close-ended question that offers two possible answers and, no matter which answer your prospect gives you, points back to you as the solution. For instance, if you were selling insurance, you may ask, 'Tell me, do you have more attention on your current financial condition, or more attention on planing for the future and your retirement?'. Again, either way the prospect answers this question, you get to tell your prospect that that is exactly why you are calling and allows for a smooth transition to step 5.

Step 5: Generating Interest - This step is really about asking a series of questions that help build rapport and help you identify your prospect's pain points. The real point of asking these additional questions is to illustrate a real curiosity and interest in your prospect's business and also allows you to identify areas where you and your product can provide a real solution.

I've overgeneralized the approach of this template so you can spend some time understanding it and implementing it with your own words. If you are looking for a more in-depth or personal approach to your cold call script, I'd love to work with you to help you build a completely custom cold call script that you can use to experience more success while cold calling.

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