4 Ways To Increase Sales By Creating A Personal Brand

jordan stupar Aug 03, 2020

Nearly all salespeople in 2020 understand the importance and power of using social media to engage in 'social selling'. Social media platforms allow salespeople to connect with more buyers, create more opportunities and get in front of more prospects. In fact, reports show that salespeople who use social media will outsell 76% of their peers who don't.

However, I believe that salespeople who establish a personal brand will outsell 100% of their peers that don't. Let me explain why.

Being able to market your own personal brand and provide value to other people online can dramatically improve your personal sales, as well as increase the revenue for the company you sell for. Personal brands also help sales people create complete job security.

At my last sales job, I understood that in addition to making cold calls and closing deals, my responsibility was to be the person that other people would think of when they thought about the company I worked for. I wanted to be more accessible than my boss, align my personal brand with the brand of the company I worked for and create more opportunities for myself by doing so.

Here's 4 ways to increase your sales by creating a Personal Brand:

  1. Tell Your Story - What is your story? Why do you work where you work? What does your product or service do for others and what makes you wake up each day to sell it? What makes working with you different than working with another sales person from your company? Why do you care about what you do? What valuable lessons can you share from what you've learned? What do you stand for? What would you like other people to remember you for? What type of struggles or adversity have you overcome?
  2. Create Content - You don't need to hire a video crew like Gary Vaynerchuk or make 150 pieces of content each day to be considered a 'content creator'. When I started creating content, it consisted of answering some of the questions above in a long-form caption attached with a photo that I would post to Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. I posted this content at least once per day to ensure that my personal brand was highly visible. Photos with captions turned into Live Video Streaming on platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live. Later on, I learned how to record and edit my own videos and distributed that content on channels like Youtube. There's no shortage of ways to create content. 
  3. Build An Audience - Frequent and consistent posting on social media platforms will ensure that you're able to build an audience of potential prospects. Some of these prospects may even turn into fans of yours. Being transparent, authentic and open about your story will allow others to relate to you, your personal brand and will also generate awareness about what you sell, where you work and your audience will being to trust in you.
  4. Monetize Your Audience - You've heard that 'people do business with other people that they know, like and trust'. This is obviously true. Engaged prospects within your growing audience are people who a) know who you are, b) like your story and your content and, c) trust you. Use compelling calls to action to schedule demo's, discovery calls and fill up your calendar with sales presentations. 

Establishing a personal brand of my own has and will continue to provide me with more inbound opportunities that I can capitalize on. Of course, I'm not 'social media famous' nor have millions of raving followers on social media. However, having a loyal, engaged and growing audience has provided me with an unquantifiable advantage in the marketplace as a sales professional and business owner.

Stupar Sales Academy offers over an hour of actionable, step-by-step information on establishing a personal brand for salespeople, how to leverage different social media channels and how I was personally able to increase my sales and income as a salesperson. I look forward to going in-depth with you there.


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