3 Ways Salespeople Can Overcome The Fear Of Rejection

jordan stupar Jul 28, 2020

Being rejected is a normal, everyday experience for sales people. Regardless of how many times you've been rejected or told 'no', it never really gets any less painful to hear. In fact, most salespeople wake up and go into their work days expecting to experience rejection.  

'Hi, is now a good time?' - No, I'm not interested.

'Hey Chuck, following up on that proposal...' - Yeah, we're going to pass on this right now.

'Let me know if next week makes sense to line up a call.' - Take me off your list.

'I'd love to show you our new incredible software!' - We're happy with what we have.

If you're in sales, you have no doubt heard the litany of responses that prospects use to tell us no. No matter how long you have been in sales, how many times you've dealt with rejection or how 'tough' you are, rejection is something that just always seems to feel like being shot in the kneecap - the fact that you won't die doesn't negate the fact that it hurts!

Although I cannot guarantee that you'll never be hung up on, get cussed out or told no ever again, I do have good news! 

Here's 3 ways that salespeople can overcome the fear of rejection.

  1. Understand that rejection is simply a part of life: Asking your crush to go on a date with you, asking your teacher for a better grade, asking your boss for a raise, asking a new employer for a job, applying to school, asking for a discount... the list of ways to experience rejection is lengthy. The more you want out of life, the more rejection you will experience. If you are ambitious, goal-oriented or want to do anything substantial in your life, you are going to hear rejection. Whenever you feel that fear of being told 'no' creep into your head, replace your fear with these positive affirmations: 'this cannot and will not hurt me', 'closed mouths don't get fed', 'you can't get what you don't ask for', and 'on to the next'. 
  2. Keep a ridiculously full pipeline: Unfortunately, the majority of salespeople only work enough to satisfy their quotas, not their personal potential. This means that most salespeople rarely put enough attention on prospecting enough to fill up a proper pipeline. A salesperson working a skinny sales funnel is going to experience the pressure that goes along with knowing that they have to close that deal with X Corp, or they won't hit their quota, bonus, incentive or goal. The fear of rejection really only exists when you don't have many deals working and feel as though you won't be able to hit your numbers if one of your deals backs out or goes dark. Hearing a 'no' from a prospect when you have 50 other deals working doesn't feel like rejection, it feels like relief. 
  3. Prepare a response for each rejection: What are you going to say the next time someone tells you that they aren't interested? How are you going to respond the next time someone says they are going to pass on your proposal? What are you going to do when your prospect stands you up for the second time? I strongly encourage you to have a list of rehearsed responses for each possible objection, rejection or scenario in which you may be told 'no'. Stupar Sales Academy offers a massive library of video lessons on how to overcome any of these 'what if' scenarios.

It's been said that the definition of success is the ability to run from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. My final tip to overcome the fear of rejection is by developing and maintaining a GREAT attitude at all times. Rejection is simply a byproduct of working with other people and, other people have a harder time saying 'no' to people who display a positive, professional and energetic attitude.

Honestly, being rejected is no longer something that I fear. Instead, I fear what my life might look like if I don't go and ask for what I want. I kindly advise you develop the same mindset.

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