It's 2020: How Salespeople Can Maintain A Great Attitude & Sell More

jordan stupar Jul 14, 2020

It was 112F outside in Dallas, Texas while I was on the phone with my now ex-girlfriend. I was giving myself an excuse to avoid door knocking in the heat when she hung up on me. For the 3rd time. Saying I was 'heated' would be an understatement!

This moment became a massive turning point in my professional sales career. 

I had several rational and justifiable excuses for putting the car in drive, head hack to my apartment and not even try to sell that day:

  1. It was 112F outside (my sales pitch was, 'Hi, do you have water?')
  2. My apartment was right above the party pool in my apartment complex and I knew several people who were there
  3. I had just gotten into a fight with my significant other, had been hung up on and was too upset to even think about selling a security system to a stranger

All those excuses would have worked if not for just one super justifiable reason to work: I was behind on my rent and needed to cough up $1,425 by Friday. It was a Wednesday and I had no sales for the week. 

It was at that moment that I came to the very harsh realization that my landlord didn't care that it was hot outside or that there was a party at my pool or that I had got into a fight with my girlfriend.

That was the day that I learned how to 'check my attitude at the door'. I learned that any drama, problems, issues and negativity in my universe could not have an impact on my attitude while I was knocking doors. I disabled my reactive, negative attitude and replaced it with a positive one. After all, it was just a simple decision.

And that simple decision helped me pay my rent by Friday.

I was going to wrap this blog up right here because everyone seems to understand that if you stay positive all day, you'll inadvertently experience success. But, there's also enough people out there who still seem to believe that if they do nothing but think about the things they want in life, that The Secret will manifest it for them.

The be honest, I'm writing this blog for myself - but I'm publishing it for you as a reminder.

It's 2020. There is SO much going on right now. COVID-19, social justice issues, an election year, uncertain marketplaces and economies... the list goes on. 

How do you actually develop and maintain a positive attitude during all of this?

Like Nike says, just do it.

Clearly, making the decision to be positive is simple - but not easy. Here's a few tips to help you get back into a sunshine state of mind when you feel your blood boiling or your heart sink.

  • Remember, remember, remember: Remember back to a time when you felt the same frustration, anxiety, nervousness, hurt - whatever. When you find it, ask yourself a question: 'was that moment in the past really that bad?'
  • Process: After you come to the encouraging realization that you're more than likely overreacting in the present time, begin replacing any negative feelings or emotions with positive affirmations, justifiable reasons for having a great attitude and continue this process
  • Repeat: Negativity, toxic people, bad news, disappointing people... global pandemics, social justice issues... the list goes on. These things will always manage to pop up and attempt to derail you. Make sure you stay prepared.

I can guarantee that you won't experience success in sales with a negative attitude.

Your attitude is simply the reflection of the responsibility you're willing to take for it.

People with truly great attitudes experience success in many areas of life because they are willing to take responsibility for changing their own circumstances, their own environment, their own relationships...etc. If you have a poor attitude it simply implies that you're unwilling to accept the challenge to make personal changes.

I thought this perspective may help some of you. If it did, please share this with a friend or someone who would find it valuable!

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