The Sales Algorithm: Sales Automation for Humans

jordan stupar Jun 30, 2020

Algorithms are quickly becoming the cornerstone of all things tech and AI. They serve up movies you are likely to enjoy on Netflix. They help large social media companies like Facebook show you the content you are mostly likely to engage with. They are used by Credit Karma to forecast credit score changes based on specific variables. 

What is an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor. That's what the dictionary says - but let's simply it.

Just think: If A, then B. 

Netflix (simplified): If viewer watches 90% of a thriller movie, it knows to suggest a very binge-worthy series of The Walking Dead.

Okay - now let's see how we can apply this to selling and automate our sales process.

Let's pretend that I'm trying to make more life insurance sales and hit the phones. A potential customer picks up the phone - it's game time. After a brief introduction, it's time to get the sales call moving. 

Don't Ask This: 'Do you currently have a plan?' Or, 'Have you heard of an annuity?' Or, 'I'd love to show you the benefits this whole life policy, is now a good time?'

Ask This 'Pointed Question': 'Tell me, do you have more attention on your current financial condition or more attention on preparing for investing in the future?'

What's algorithmic about the second one, you ask?

Remember 'If A, then B'?

The second question offers up two close-ended options for the prospect to choose from and regardless of which answer the prospect chooses - you become a potential solution

The 'Pointed Question' is an original approach I created in the past while calling on car dealerships. When I asked questions like, 'what skills does your team have the most attention on?' - I didn't realize that I was losing control of the sales interaction by 1) giving total control to the prospect and 2) having to react to what they said vs. already knowing what they are going to say.

So instead, I started asking,' Tell me, is your dealership more of a destination store that people go out of their way to get to or, is the store in more of an urban location with more competitors around you?'.

Regardless of their response to meI could say, 'Great, then you could agree that it's more important than ever that your people are able to generate their own traffic to the store - right?'.

'Yes, I would. How can you make that happen?' - I received this response every single time. 

The 'Pointed Question' is the thing that starts the automation of your sales process and is usually followed by another series of strategic questions that end up turning your 'sales pitch' into what appears like a genuine conversation. Frankly, this combination of questions and responses can be duplicated for any product, in any industry and has been a game-changer for thousands of other sales professionals.

I talk a lot about 'Pointed Questions' and the Sales Algorithm throughout the massive library of sales content found within Stupar Sales Academy. Crafting better conversations and generating interest with questions will help you make more sales and more money. And that's what I want for all of you!

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