The only thing worse than losing a deal

The Only Thing Worse Than Losing A Deal Is...

follow up jordan stupar Mar 12, 2021

 You know you had a bad day in sales when

 you drive home after work in complete and total silence. No musical artist, published author, podcaster, friend or family member could possibly know what you just went through. It's just you, peering through your windshield, trying to figure out how on Earth anyone could have the audacity to tell you 'no'. 

That mysterious and painful sensation that flows through your veins isn't from getting rejected quickly on a cold call or something that happened immediately after your pitch. No, this wasn't rejection. This is betrayal!

You've felt the sting of losing a deal before - but - this wasn't just 'losing another deal'. You spent TIME on this one. You INVESTED in this one. After all, you sent the same email every seven days to 'check in' with your prospect for TEN MONTHS. They even emailed you back once to tell you that your deal with them was 'interesting'! 

Then, out of nowhere, they messaged you and told you that they were going to 'pass' or 'found another solution' or whatever other words they could carefully arrange in an impersonal attempt to leave your ego intact despite just having told you to basically 'take a hike, pal'.

You'll know they really did care about you if they end their email to you with, 'This doesn't mean it won't ever happen, it's just not a good fit right now. Feel free to follow up with us in 17 years and we'll be happy to take another look.'

Losing a deal sucks. But taking a long time to lose a deal sucks even more.

Real sales professionals know they are not going to close every deal and also understand how important it is to lose deals on their own terms. They know how to shuffle the jokers out of the deck quickly so they can spend their time working on real opportunities.

They do this by deploying frequent, unique, creative and entertaining follow up over time. They have an unlimited number of techniques, strategies and tools that they use to engage with prospects in order to catalyze a decision. 

Although these follow up techniques help top producing salespeople get to the 'no's' quickly, they also dramatically reduce the sales cycles of 'yes's', too.

And that's what we like to call a win-win.

Grab a copy of The Follow Up Black Book today and pick up over 2 dozen creative and insanely effective follow up techniques that you can use to close more deals and avoid lonely, quiet drives home.

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