Stupar Sales Academy is Back!

jordan stupar Jul 01, 2020

I'm very pleased to announce that Stupar Sales Academy, the most progressive, modern and effective sales development course, is finally open!

Stupar Sales Academy was first introduced to the public in the summer of 2017, after courageously resigning from a sales position where I was making nearly $500,000 per year. Almost immediately, over 300+ sales professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs from many different industries enrolled into the Academy to learn new sales techniques and skills.

The results and testimonials I heard from clients all over the country - and world - were simply incredible! I was thrilled to help contribute to the success that others were experiencing.

Only a few short months later, I had to temporarily close down the Academy due to a noncompete issue with my former employer (more details to follow). This forced me to pivot and move my journey as an entrepreneur into a completely difference direction. 

In 2018, I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and founded Sales Domination Systems, a SaaS company providing CRM solutions to small and medium sized businesses. As CEO of the technology company, I was responsible for building the company from scratch. Every day, I was forced to confront challenges, problems and issues I had never tackled before. Where I lacked in business experience, I made up for by implementing successful sales processes and properly marketing the company.

Despite the hardships and challenges of making it through 'start-up mode', our team was able to onboard hundreds of clients and grow. In February of 2020, I successfully exited the company after selling it to a private entity. 

The day after selling my technology company, I co-founded another company in the digital marketing space. There, I was again able to leverage my sales experience, my brand and implement sales and marketing methods that quickly yielded results.

Although I was enjoying the excitement that comes with launching a new business, I didn't love it. It wasn't my passion.

My passion has been and always will be teaching others about sales, marketing, personal branding and business. I simply love watching people's eyes light up when they begin to connect the dots, implement processes that work and get results!

Today, I'm unbelievably blessed and excited for the opportunity to follow my heart and reopen a business I'm passionate about: Stupar Sales Academy.

With over 200+ video lessons, tutorials, downloadable scripts, weekly mastermind calls, private sales coaching opportunities and new content available on a weekly basis, Stupar Sales Academy is the place to go to develop new sales skills. The growing library of sales content has generated massive ROI for my clients in the past and continues to deliver unbelievable results to anyone that uses it.

Starting, scaling and growing two other companies over the last years has taught me one valuable lesson: sales skills truly matter more than anything else. Had I not been able to prospect, find opportunities, schedule appointments, pitch my product, train my sales team or close deals - there would have been no chance of 'making it' as an entrepreneur. And if these skills work for me and hundreds of other sales and business professionals, I'm certain they can work for you! And that's what makes me excited.

If you're looking to level up your sales skills, become a top producing sales professional or searching for a resource to stay ahead of the curve in an ever changing business landscape, Stupar Sales Academy is the place for you.

I encourage you to activate a membership on a plan that makes sense to you and make the commitment to getting to the next level.

Click here to learn more about Stupar Sales Academy.

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