How To Close More Sales Over The Weekend

jordan stupar Jul 11, 2020

During the 8 years that I was selling alarms door to door in residential communities, I always worked on Saturday's. The weekends were the best time to find homeowners at their homes, handling yard work, relaxing or spending time with their families. Working during the weekend to get in front of more people was a no-brainer.

When I started an insides sales job in New York City, working on the weekends was discouraged since 'no one works on the weekends'. Of course, most prospects are not at their office sitting by their phone waiting for your call. Although making calls or reaching out to prospects over the weekend may not generate immediate results, there are some serious benefits to doing it anyway.

Here's how to use Saturday's and Sunday's to increase your sales and close more deals:

Beat your prospect to the office on Monday: Leaving a voicemail, sending an email, shooting a text message, leaving a LinkedIn message or any other form of communication over the weekend will more than likely be heard or seen on Monday. While most sales people wait until Monday to follow up, you'll differentiate yourself from any competitors by showing your weekend 'hustle'. Consistent weekend follow up is a great way to stand out, get attention and show your prospect that you need to be taken seriously.

Humanize yourself: Communicating with prospects and customers over the weekend from the comfort of your home, hotel room or wherever you are - is a great way to show availability and really personalize your interactions. I've sent countless Selfie Videos (click here and scroll down) from the beach, from my car, from the grocery store or even from the gym to prospects over the weekend. Being a normal human being doing normal human being things is a great way to connect with your prospect on more 'human being' level. Don't be afraid to reach out over the weekend. Here's a perfect example of how it works.

Money never sleeps: I've closed a lot of deals over the weekend! Just because most believe they are entitled to a weekend off doesn't mean that everyone thinks that way. Many business owners and individuals work on their business and hustle over the weekend and immediately respect sales people who do as well. Just because the banks are closed during the weekends doesn't mean that money doesn't change hands. Make sure to get yours!

Get creative and take action: Out golfing? Shoot your prospect a photo of your tee box and let them know that you're thinking about them and that doing business with you would be like hitting a hole-in-one. Enjoying some time at the beach? Let your prospect know that you're there and that you would be able to enjoy it more knowing that your prospect has made the best decision by doing business with you. Out grocery shopping? Let your prospect know that despite all the options for food, making the decision to choose the best is easy - just like choosing to do business with you should be an easy decision since you're the best. Get creative, have fun with it and above everything: take action!

Like anything in life, working over the weekends has a powerful compounding and cumulative affect over a long period of time. I'm not suggesting you work a full 8, 10 or 15 hour day on Saturday's (getting that laundry done is important!), but just committing to a few hours can have a dramatic impact on your sales numbers.

If you added 4 hours of work to your schedule every Saturday, you'll have an extra 208 hours of work done every year. That's a considerable amount of time and will greatly improve your chances of securing deals throughout the year.

Need more ideas for following up over the weekend? Level 9 of Stupar Sales Academy has a robust list of effective follow up techniques that actually work! Click here for more information and get instant access.

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