How to change your life - fast

A Step-By-Step Guide To Changing Your Entire Life - FAST

jordan stupar Sep 14, 2020

Whether you like it or not, changes in life are bound to happen. Some changes are outside of your control, like: suffering the loss of someone you love, being laid off or getting dumped. 

However, there are a significant amount of things that are within your control to change. Things like: the job you don't like, a bad relationship, toxic business partnerships, where you live and how much money you make. 

In 2013, I woke up in my tiny, closet-sized New York City apartment with a terrible hangover after spending he previous evening trying to escape my own depressing reality with a bottle of cheap whiskey. It was that morning that I finally looked out the window and realized I was born to do so much more than go to a job I hated, live in a city where I had no friends, family or purpose.

I realized an important lesson: I didn't need to change a few things in my life - I needed to change everything.

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Here's a step-by-step action plan to change your life.

Step 1: Make The Decision

While nursing my hangover I decided that I was going to change my entire life. I was going to change my location, my job, my network, my friends, how I spent my time, where I spent my time, what I ate, what I drank, where I worked and how much I was going to make. This wasn't a 'maybe I should just rid of my Xbox' decision. This was a decision powerful enough to take action on - in all areas of my life. 

Step 2: Execute

I threw out my Xbox, cancelled my Netflix account, threw out unhealthy foods, poured out any alcohol I had in my house and bought a cheap pair of running shoes. Since I hadn't been able to find a new job or city to live in, I spent all my time outside of the office running. This enabled me to remain focused on changing my life and actively look for opportunities to change my job and location.

Step 3: Sustained Execution

Trust the process of change. Getting rid of distractions and poor habits didn't change my life immediately. It took nearly two entire years to truly manifest the changes I wanted to see take place in my life. Don't fool yourself! The process of changing your entire life is something that is going to take time - even if you take immediate action like I did. Even when I saw incremental improvements in my life, I resisted the urge to reactivate my Netflix account and guy buy a new Xbox because I knew that if I did, I would go backwards. Stay the course and never give up on achieving the full transformation that you are looking for in your life!

After 17 months of disciplining myself, working tirelessly to achieve my immediate goals, I ended up trading in my tiny NYC apartment for a 45th-story condo overlooking the ocean in Miami. I got rid of my beat up Nissan Maxima for a new Lexus, then a brand new Porsche 911. I got rid of my $45,000/year salary job and became a top 1% income earner in the US. I traded in time spent in bad relationships for learning, education and better relationships. My entire life changed - but it didn't happen immediately.

Of course, changing your entire life is a scary thing to do. But, I can promise that if you have the courage to do it - it will be completely worth it.

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