7 Tips To Sell More Over Screen Share

jordan stupar Jul 20, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the vast majority of sales people to work remotely from home and leverage tools like Zoom, GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts to showcase their products and services. It appears that most sales people and sales organizations are still scrambling to implement strategies for selling virtually in an effort to maintain revenue growth.

I'll personally go on the record to say: this approach to selling is not a temporary change - selling virtually over screen share applications is 'The New Normal.'

Here's 7 tips you can use to sell more over screen shares!

  1. Always use a calendar invite & confirm the appointment 30 minutes prior: If your appointment doesn't end up on your prospect's calendar, they probably aren't going to remember to show up. I always use calendar invites to ensure that my meeting with prospects end up on their calendar. I also use a Zoom and a Google Hangouts link embedded into the calendar link for easy accessibility. Luckily, most people are familiar with both tools and should understand how they work - however - you should ask your prospect if they are familiar with it to ensure accessibility to your meeting. In addition to this, sales reps should be calling and emailing the prospect 30 minutes before the meeting to confirm. Doing this will increase your show rates by 50%!
  2. Be early: Although this is a no-brainer, it's worth mentioning that being late to your own appointment is just as bad as not showing up to your own appointment. They say 'if you're not 5 minutes early, you're late.' Adhere to this advice and be early!
  3. Spend 15-20 minutes doing your 'homework': Before every appointment, spend a few minutes doing some professional research about your prospect. Since you're not in someone's home or office, it's nearly impossible to 'build rapport' with customers if you don't find out what is important to them. Luckily, social media can be a great resource to find out what your prospect's value. Tailoring your sales pitch to a customer requires understanding what things they have an affinity for.
  4. Limit the small talk: Spending the first 3-5 minutes of your sales presentation talking about the weather will not increase your personal value on the call. Sure, a brief 30-second dialog regarding a small detail of your customer's day is fine, but make sure you get straight into your pitch. Doing this will show your customer that you are also busy, a business-oriented person and that you value your time. Most buyers will respect this approach and see you as 'the prize'.
  5. Establish control quickly: Whoever is asking the questions during your screen share is the person who is in control. Great sales people know how to control the conversation by asking series of questions geared towards uncovering pain points and learning how they can provide a solution. While asking your questions, be sure to take notes and make sure you've identified your customer's pain point.
  6. Go vertical: Once you've identified your prospect's pain point, dig deeper and have your prospect tell you what they are currently doing to solve it. If you use the right series of follow-up questions, your prospect should be able to come to their own conclusion that they aren't currently doing much to solve their problems or, that what they are currently doing to solve their problem is not working and they should try doing something new. 
  7. Generate emotional interest: There are 6 emotions that buyers experience that are responsible for triggering purchasing behaviors. If your product allows your customer to save money, the emotion you should be focusing on generating is 'relief'. The best way to create an 'emotional gap' is comparing your customer's current condition (the money they are spending) to what they could experience with your product (how they would allocate all the money they are saving with your product). In this example, you should be able to generate emotions of relief with your buyer. Once they experience these emotions, you can usually transition into the close.

 Of course, there are many more things that have to 'go right' during your sales pitch in order to close more deals consistently! If you have attention on developing and structuring the perfect virtual sales pitch, I'd like to invite you to a sign up for my free mini-masterclass on how to crush your next screen share sales pitch.

'Secrets to Selling Over Screen Share' will provide you with an extremely in-depth perspective to selling your products or services over screen share. I'll show you how to build urgency, identify the 4 types of buyers, how to tailor your pitch to those buyers, how and when to introduce price, how to create emotional interest, buying signals, how to transition into the close and much more!

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