Crush Sales During Thanksgiving

4 Ways to Crush Sales During Thanksgiving

holidays jordan stupar Nov 23, 2020

Welcome to one of the hardest weeks to be a salesperson (unless you’re working retail - but then again - COVID has punched a lot of retailers in the mouth, again), so here are a few tips for you to keep your pipeline engaged and close some deals.

Of course, these tips are for my fellow Americans here since we’ve got the business travel day of the year on Wednesday, then Thanksgiving, then the single largest day of spending and shopping of the year. Then a Saturday. Here's a few tips you can use to get a little more than just a slice of pie this holiday week:
1. Don’t ever wait until the week of Thanksgiving to think about who you’re going to sell during the week of Thanksgiving. Now is not the time to be drilling your list and hoisting up hundreds of cold calls. That’s what you should be doing all year to ensure you have a full pipeline in time for the holiday season and the distractions and excuses that come along with it. This week and the rest of the year is all about the follow up AND spending additional time prospecting for those wonderful Q1 deals.
2. Lower your ‘professionalism’ with your follow up. It’s time to introduce your prospects to the more casual version of yourself. Your customers have attention on travel, turkey and shopping - ask them to incorporate their decision with you into the rest of their decisions BECAUSE they can get ahead by taking action now AND you get some incentive and can ‘have something to be thankful for’. The higher hour energy, enthusiasm and frequency, the more attractive doing business with you will feel for your buyer. Selfie videos featuring tour family, kids, weather, shopping, cooking/baking... these are lethal and show you handling business while doing the same things your prospects are - which makes your follow up efforts truly relatable.
3. Make doing business with you the easiest thing your prospect can do this week. If you send PDF contracts that your prospect has to print out, sign, then scan back to you - quickly figure out a way to send digital copies that they can sign right from their phone while sitting on that bench at the mall waiting for their family to come out of Macy’s. Extra steps kill deals. Ask yourself, ‘What is the simplest and quickest way for my prospect to do business with me?’ You may find a few ways to reduce the number of steps it takes to do business. Less steps = more sales.
4. Use a lack of time as the reason to do this now. Prospects are going to say they are busy, and they are. Tell them ‘let’s get this done now so I can get to work over the next few days to set up onboarding, implementation or to set up your account...’ whatever it is and let them know, ‘that way, when we’re all back to work, we can have everything set up so you can enjoy the benefits of XYZ.’
Lastly, don’t be afraid to follow up on the travel day, on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. If you’re in the airport killing time, a well placed ‘I’m thinking of you’ selfie video can help a lot and will sure make you more money than not doing it. If you’re baking, cooking, making a cocktail - shoot a video and let them know you’re thankful for the opportunity to work with them and that you’d be extra thankful this year if they signed that document. There’s truly unlimited ways to be creative and work hard this week.
The spoils will go to those who make the commitment to get it done, leverage their creativity and keep their prospects engaged.
REMEMBER: more money will change hands this week than at ANY OTHER TIME IN THE YEAR.
Why not you?
Or would you rather just have a slide of pecan pie?
Nah. Go get your pecan pie AND a slice of all this money that’s getting passed around this week.
Let’s get it. πŸ¦ƒ 🍁 πŸ₯§ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ’°

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