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Keep your credit card in your pocket. This free mini-course was designed specifically to bring you value, tips and strategies that you can use to make more money in sales.


"Stupar Sales Academy is at the forefront of today's market and is the only place to find resources and sales strategies that work. Jordan Stupar is literally in a league of his own."

- Tony B. | President, Alerts That Work


With nearly 2 decades of commission-only sales experience and having successfully built, scaled and sold a SaaS company, Jordan Stupar is passionate about helping others develop the skills they need to be successful in today's hyper competitive marketplace.

Discover an Income Action Plan

This unique approach will help you understand how to break your big financial goals into daily, bite-sized actions that you can actually hit.

Stop Relying On Discounts

When you learn how to effectively negotiate with value - you'll no longer have to rely on offering financial incentives to your customers to get them to close.

Handle Any Objection

This isn't your dad's sales training. Learn the Objection Handling Formula and learn how to respond to any customer objection with confidence.

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